Our 6 Steps to Amazingly Clean Carpets:

Step 1 (Inspection): 

One of our technicians will do a full walk-through of the property to identify any stains or dirty areas.

Step 2 (Pre-vacuum):

Loose debris and dirt will be removed during this pre-vacuum stage.

Step 3 (Pre-Spray):

We spray a special cleaning detergent to encapsulate dirt and clean the carpet.

Step 4 (CRB):

Counter Rotating Brush further encapsulates and agitates the carpet to ensure the detergent is worked into the carpet fibers. This helps lift the dirt to the surface for easy extraction.

Step 5 (Hot Water Extraction):

Thorough wash and rinse to remove the detergent and dirt from the surface.

Step 6 (Deodorizer & Carpet Rake):

We spray a deodorizer which helps minimize odor and leaves your home smelling fresh and clean. This is followed by a carpet rake to help speed up dry time, working in the deodorizer and giving your carpets that brand new look!